The Significance Of Metal Recycling

October 10, 2022

The Significance Of Metal Recycling

1. Save resources. Since mineral resources are limited and non-renewable, with the continuous development of human beings, these resources are constantly decreasing, and the shortage of resources will also become a problem for human beings. However, scrap metal is a renewable resource. When we reuse these resources , which can greatly save resources.

2. Cost saving. In life, if you recycle a discarded aluminum soda can, it will save 20% of the capital and 90% to 97% of the energy compared with the manufacture of a new one. Recycling 1t of scrap steel can produce 0.9t of good steel, which can save 47% of the cost compared with smelting with ore. The recovery of metals can therefore result in substantial cost savings.

3. The performance is more stable. After long-term aging, the basic parts of scrap metal will hardly produce stress deformation and affect the accuracy. After long-term running-in of various functional parts, the functional stability and reliability are good, and the production risk is also small.

4. Protect the environment. Scrap metal contains a lot of harmful substances, if we recycle it, it will reduce its air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.


    The above is about the content of "what is the meaning of metal recycling". I hope that everyone should carefully classify metal waste. This is another way for us to protect the earth's resources.


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